Education is hopelessly antiquated and crippled by 1st Century fears and 18th Century assembly-line work rules. Until the religious, political, and economic stranglehold on the world’s school’s is broken, there is virtually no hope things will change.
Teachers should be demoted from CEO of a class to simply another facilitator of the process. Teachers should never grade what they teach. Students should grade the teachers and the process. Teachers should be treated as professionals and subject matter experts, not simply assembly line robots filling empty vessels with stuff. Principles should be able to hire, fire, and move teachers around based on the immediate learning requirements of the students.
There should be both online and onsite schools. Onsite Schools should be open early and stay open late. Onsite schools should make coming to school attractive, with great facilities and inviting staff. Onsite schools should offer very high speed Internet connections and great printing and collaboration capabilities.
Schools should be open year round. The idea that schools are closed during specific times of the year is a throwback to farming worldview.
It makes no sense in the 21st Century, that classes are still structured with a teacher standing up in front of a class using textbooks. All information (text, graphics, and videos), learning materials, and assessments should be digital, cloud based, interactive, inexpensive, and easily accessible. Education should be tailored to each student. And Feedback should be provided in real time with a clear intent to focus and motivate learning.